To Actively Advocate for Employment Opportunities for All Nebraskans with Disabilities.

What is Supported Employment?
Supported employment is a community based work option for adults with developmental disabilities; individuals who have traditionally been excluded from opportunities in typical work settings. Supported employment is characterized by regular opportunities for interaction with coworkers without disabilities and the general public; pay and benefits are equal to those received by coworkers without disabilities in comparable positions. Supported employment is based on the premise that work should be accessible to everyone, regardless of disability. By providing the necessary support, individuals with disabilities are increasing their opportunity for community integration, independence, and productivity.


  • Competitive employment is possible for anyone.
  • Employment is vital to economic opportunity and independence.
  • People have the right to experiences and education that lead to informed career choices.
  • People have the right and responsibility to control the direction of their career paths.
  • People have the right to full participation in their communities.
  • Supports and services should be of the highest quality, person centered, and delivered with a sense of urgency.

to learn more about National APSE:  Advancing Employment and Connecting People.


Bob Lawhead, National APSE Public Policy
Chair of Colorado,
presented on the importance of
becoming a stakeholder in the design and implementation of
public polices surrounding supported employment.

He spoke to NE APSE on April 14, 2008. 
Watch the presentation.


Recently APSE and many other national
organizations partnered with the
for Full Participation
to double the rate of
competitive community employment for people with intellectual
disabilities by 2015.


To dream, plan, work, mobilize and organize
with people with developmental disabilities, their families, and
supporting communities and organizations to make the promise of
inclusion, integration, productivity, independence and quality
of life a reality in policy and practice.

Here for an Update on the Progress of Nebraska’s AFP Team.